AUX Q Pro Fresh Air

The Q-Pro series stands out for its unique charactered housing structure.
Thanks to its modern contoured body, the unit creates the impression of it
slightly floating on the wall. Its streamlined features create an elegant and
luxurious character. With the ability to bring fresh air in to your rooms

Rated Voltage 220v-240v
Cooling Capacity (BTU/H) 12912
Cooling Capacity (kW) 3.5 (0.8~4.2)
Heating Capacity (BTU/H) 13236
Heating Capacity (kW) 3.5 (1.0~4.3)
Cooling Current (A) 5.8 (0.7~7.8)
Heating Current (A) 4.8 (1.5~8.0)
Cooling Input (kW) 1.2 (0.1~1.6)
Heating Input (kW) 1.2 (0.3~1.7)
SEER Cooling 6.1
SEER energy class A++
SCOP Heating – warmer 5.2
SCOP energy class – warmer A+++
Max Input Current (A) 8.5
Max Input Power (kW) 1.5
Refrigerant Quantity (kg) 0.63
Air FlowVolume (m3/h) – (Turbo-Hi-Mid-Low-Si) 560/490/430/380/320
IU Noise (Sound Pressure) (dB) – (Turbo-Hi-Mid Low-Si) 51/45/41/35/30
OUNoise(Sound Pressure) (dB) 62
IU Net Weight (kg) 11.5
OU Net Weight (kg) 22.5
Net Dimension IU (W×D×H) (mm) 960x219x305
Net Dimension OU (W×D×H) (mm) 705x279x530
Piping Diameter – Liquid Side (mm(inch)) 6.35(1/4)
Piping Diameter – Gas Side (mm(inch)) 9.52(3/8)
Max pipe length (m) 20
Max installation fall (m) 10
Additional added gas charge per meter (g) 15
Max pipe length (m) for pre – charge gas 5
Ambient Temp – Cooling (ºC) 16~49°C
Ambient Temp – Heating (ºC) -15~30°C




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